PT Racial Equity Challenge

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What is the
21-Day Racial Equity Challenge and why are we doing it?

Recognizing and correcting racism is not a one-time event; rather, it is an ongoing process. Conventional wisdom says it takes about three weeks to form a new habit, so the 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge can help all of us cultivate self-awareness and intentionality to affect social change.

Whether you are a new ally in the racial equity movement or a seasoned veteran, we invite you to join us for this exercise in self-reflection, learning, and connection. As this is a voluntary exercise, do not feel pressured to complete every listed activity each day. We will present a variety of options so you can engage based on your learning style and the time you have available. The point is simply to make a habit of doing something each day to broaden your perspective, identify topics for deeper learning on your own, and better equip yourself to combat racism.

Use this log to track your participation. Make note of feelings and insights you experience along the way. Working through the program with others or as part of a group is a great way to broaden your experience.

This program originally ran in January of 2021, with moderated Zoom discussions at the end of each week. We discussed the content, our own feelings, experiences and perspectives. While these discussions aren't scheduled programmatically in this version of the challenge, feel free to host your own! We scheduled them on Days 7, 14 and 21.

A Little Background

The PTYOK committee was formed by volunteers to promote kindness within Peters Township.  We believe in the pillars of Character Counts and choose to adopt Rachel’s Challenge to continue a chain reaction of outward kindness in our community through service and good deeds.

Our mission was influenced by the global pandemic and much of the service planned had to be postponed while so much of our community had to learn to adapt and live in a virtual setting.  Despite these challenges, our committee members began to think of ways to continue to promote kindness in a relevant way.

Kindness to each other has always been part of our mission and once learning how other communities challenged themselves to learn about racial equity, we decided to develop a 21 day Racial Equity Challenge for Peters Township.  As stated in our About Us and mission statement we are volunteers. None of us proclaim to be  experts in this field however, we believe that learning together about issues involving race and equity will foster the kindness and awareness that has always been part of our goals.

What to Expect

For 21 days, we have curated content based on race and equity to watch, read and reflect on .
Laptop, Computer Monitor, Computer, Smart Phone, Coffee Cup
The content for most days will take around 10-15 minutes to consume. You can work through day-by-day or choose to do several days in a row. We have divided the 21 days into three segments.

Days 1-7

Defining Race and Expanding Perspectives

Days 8-14

Privilege, Bias and Racism

Days 15-21

Racial Equity Habits and Change

This material has been prepared for an adult learner. Parents must deem if  it is appropriate for their children and pre-screen the content.  It can be a worthwhile journey to take together as a family, however each parent must make that determination.

PT Racial Equity Challenge In the News

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How to Participate

Each Day - Go to the content for that day and work through it.

Begin with Day 1. There will be a mix of things to read and videos to watch - all supporting the topic of the day.
>> Click here for a Learning & Reflection Chart to log your thoughts and feelings.